Barefoot Soles provides you with a new walking experience. Our minimalist easy stick on soles will help protect your feet while you enjoy the freedom of walking barefoot. Our soles will help you increase your body awareness & sense stimuli while staying grounded with earth. Induce your endorphins through your feet while you go hiking, working out, running, enjoy the sand, pool – you can do this both indoor and/or outdoors.


Where Can I Walk Barefoot?

As Barefoot advocates we would give you the answer – anywhere. We encourage you to let your feet go! Let them free! Our soles are designed to let you experience the ultimate sensory experience towards creating a lifestyle of minimalist shoe-wearing with protection. Research shows that passive locked in feet can be to blame for plausible knee, back & neck pains. And what better way to reduce chances of these pains by opening up your feet to new experiences of letting them free with a simple protective sole layer.

Experience Happiness Through Your Feet

Get your feet grounded with our stick-on self adhesive soles. Our soles will help protect your feet while you enjoy the ergonomics of nature.

Enjoy your day by the pool while staying protected with our comfortable self-adhesive soles that help you stay protected & hygenic in any environment.

Enhance your workout experience & do it barefoot. The move to minimal shoes is a move towards a stronger body. Stay protected & grounded while you increase your endorphins & sense stimuli while you work out.

Experience the ultimate sensory experience while enjoying the beach. Beat the heat while staying protected with our beach friendly stick on soles.

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